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Toffe Stoffen

logo Toffe Stoffen


While working as freelance editor for magazines, 
Mirjam Verhulst started to miss the sketchbook and pencil 
she used to work with during her work in advertising as an art director. So she gave the lumber-room in her house 
in Amsterdam a transformation and turned it into a nice working space. She threw her various skills on a pile and mixed them with her love of quality, cotton, stripe patterns, 
interior and design. The result is Toffe Stoffen.
 The Dutch word Tof describes a mix of the words nice and cool. Stof means fabric, so a free translation for the brand name could be ‘Wicked Fabrics’.

“The weirdest things can inspire me. The idea for the Flex Collection was born when I saw someone walking with a striped backpack with two dangling cords on its side. I love design with a twist, well thought over. For the ‘Hangin’ around’ tea towel 
I asked myself: what happens to the print on a tea towel when you hang it? I really like to work that way.”

The fabrics are rotation printed on 380 gr/m, 100% cotton canvas (double Panama) in the Netherlands. 
The cushion cases are manufactured in a factory in Poland.

All tea towels are woven and sewn in the Dutch Textile Museum: TextielLab in Tilburg and are made of 100% bio cotton.